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Don't you all start to worry, this is not something that will turn everything you know and love about Vex upside down...

It's really mostly about all of you; we, the officers, want all of you lovely members to have an overall better experience while progressing on new content.

The raid team

Currently we're in a slump, a slump where people are just a bit too relaxed for my and the rest of the officers’ well being.

You may have noticed a few outbursts and rage moments in the past few raids because some of us actually care a whole lot about raiding. This is not something new - I'm not saying we're gonna be hunting server firsts and demand that all of you run 100 mythic+ a week.

No, we just wanna progress at a nice and steady pace. Obviously we all fail every now and then, but we need to learn from our mistakes and we need to change the mindset of some people who think that it's alright to fail every single time.

We still want to be able to have a nice, relaxed raid environment, but I do want people to be focused for the duration of the raid. This means less slacking on trash, this means knowing the general pointers and ideas of a new fight when we're about to progress on something new on heroic, and eventually mythic if we ever get to that, as a bare minimum.

In the end, this means raiders will be demoted if we feel that they're not on the same wavelength as the rest of the team. This can happen for a number of reasons, for example, being afk all the time on trash - every raid, or if you're always the one who is dead at the end of a fight (everyone can have a bad raid, but people should not have 20 bad raids).

I'm sure you're getting the picture here.. Remember we are 15+ people who really want to enjoy raiding, and simple things like not helping on the trash or never doing what you're supposed to on a boss aren’t conducive to that (trust me, we notice who is not bothering to dps adds, or who never moves to the correct place with a certain mechanic). Until now we have lived with it, though some of you in severe cases have already got a little message about it.

It is imperative for our raiding and our enjoyment of the game that all our raiders are on an even mindset, and if we feel this is not the case you will be demoted, and you can join the normal raids, which everyone is being allowed into from now provided you pass the gear and enchant requirements. But you will no longer be able to join our heroic raids. Should you feel that you are up for the task you can always re-apply as a raider and we will take it from there.

Loot distribution

Last raid we happened to end up having a somewhat heated discussion about loot. This lead to some frustrations during and after the raid, and Gav made a big thread here on the forum about it. We feel that with a few small tweaks to the loot system we can make this easier for everyone.

I now present our new loot buttons:

High > Low > Offspec > Gamble > Transmog

It is now entirely up to you what you want to pay for an item. Yes, you heard correctly: high is 100% GP, low is 25%, offspec is 0% as always, and the new addition is gamble, which can only be used for tier tokens if you already have the tier-piece of that item level, or another higher item level piece. Gamble costs 500 GP and it's the option for you if you just want the tier token for a chance of it to war- or titanforge.

In an attempt to try to fend off hoarding EP, we will raise the decay to 7% and evaluate from there. If we feel it's not enough we might increase it further to 10-12%. Only time can tell what decay works best with these new changes.

Concerning drama and shouting during the raids, this is also something that we unfortunately have seen happen a bit more often than It should - ideally we never want drama!

Should you feel that something has been handled incorrectly loot or decision wise, please poke an officer in a whisper. If the problem is with said officer, poke another officer. We want our raids to be spent raiding, not on arguing. It may be that we can sort your problem out right away, or it may be the case that we want to handle the situation after the raid. Please respect if that's the case - your case will always be heard and we will do everything we can do to solve it, but it might be that in the middle of a raid is not the best way to do so.


Recruitment will be one of our focuses now since we're slightly on the low side in the raiding team and we will be doing a few things to bolster our ranks. All the officers will have greatly increased focus on recruitment and we have a new goal of processing an application within 24 hours of it being posted. We're currently in the process of remaking the homepage, to be more focused around recruitment, and eventually we will end this forum and move our communication and guild member information to Discord.

Guild ranks

There was a bit of a rank clean-up today; I demoted a lot of raiders who were not really raiding with us anymore. It's important for us to stay true to these ranks and demote people if they're not with us for a while so that we have a better overview of the raid team as a whole. I also made an officer alt rank so it's more clear for new people who officers are and who their alts are. Surprise, we did not actually have 75 officers..

I believe this was it for now. As always, we will gladly discuss any questions you may have.

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Spellblade Aluriel heroic down!
An important question.

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Halls of Valour heroic cleared!

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Greetings members of Veneficus Ex,

I've been doing officer duties for the guild for a few years now. In the beginning it was just handling recruitment, later on it was raid management duties, loot etc. Eventually I became the second in command and eventually even the guild master. During this time there's been many ups and many downs, many bosses were killed and expansions came and went. We raided hardcore for almost every day per week or literally every day per week at some points and at other points we just chilled and did nothing. All in all it's been a wonderful trip and I've met many great people through doing this.

At this point it's pretty clear that I'm rambling and that I have a point to get to that I'm delaying. Well let's delay no more: I'm stepping down as guild master and officer of Veneficus Ex. I don't have the interest or passion for this job anymore. I call it a job because it has always been a job to me, one that I take seriously. Now I find myself in a position where I am no longer motivated to do this job and push for the betterment of the guild. I get more anxiety than reward out of it at this point and it's breaking me down. I need to let go and the guild will benefit from it.

I have appointed Settings (Jägermeister) as our new guild master because I believe him to be the best choice for the job. He is capable, motivated, skilled and has the time / will to do it. He has already set plans in motion for the betterment of the guild and it's starting to show already. Please make him feel welcome as your new GM and don't come crying about loot or other dramaz for at least 24 hrs ;)


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Emerald Nightmare, Heroic cleared.


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